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Cosplay Update [October 4th 2009 | 6:22pm]
New cosplay from AWA [here].

My apologies to the cosplayers for taking forever to upload the pics to the site.

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Fanfiction Update [September 14th 2009 | 7:18am]
Author Mio Yamada has informed us that an update to "THE COURTSHIP OF LADY TOKIO" has been posted here and she endeavours to finish the epic length story this fall.

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Website Progress Report [January 3rd 2009 | 9:09pm]
Fanart Page, Aizu Wakamatsu Parade 2004 and all cosplay/tattoo photos can be found here on the Makoto Page.

Mibugishiden page on the Film Page.

:: whew::

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Almost done w/ Film & TV [November 28th 2008 | 11:20pm]

Continuing from this entry...

I just need to work on the Mibugishiden screencaps for the entry and I'll be done with the film section:
http://shinsengumihq.com/shq/?page_id=83 (yeah and I need to fix up this page as well).

Progress has been slow because of real life stuff and computer with photoshop is used for other things.

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Trying to Restore Everything [October 23rd 2008 | 11:47am]

1) Wordpress installed on new SHQ server by UK ~ yay it works
2) Sec installed a new template "Massive Press" ~ yay it works
3) Sec figures she can play with the widgets because she has done so with other wordpress blogs ~ oh ... god...no...sec ruins the template and now the search bar no longer shows up in all the "views"
4) Sec contemplates why technology hates her
5) Contacted designer of Massive Press to see if I can restore default widgets ~ Update 10.24 he told me to remove all the widgets and the defaults shall return, unfortunately they did not return
6) Can't see image addresses in nestled folders on the server so I will not work with images/gallery today
7) Although someone told me this already---if we complete the e-book and upload as PDF file we also lose possibility of google or other search engines crawling our site and directing traffic our way.



Pondered adopting "Theme: Garland by Steven Wittens and Stefan Nagtegaal. " and tossing Massive Press altogether.

True Garland is dull but it WORKS (^_^).
4:00 pm my time I went with the REVOLUTION template because I enjoy the *irony*
check it out.

Basic filmography by Michael online and html cleaned up---need to work on expanded entries for certain films [looky]
Fixed up the layout a bit, made things more organized and added more film reviews [here]
Added Byakkotai 1984
Kunoichi ...the worst Shinsengumi ever made

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Yaoi Novel [September 19th 2008 | 3:02pm]
Now available at YaoiandYuri.com (YAY!).

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A Great Yaoi Read [September 8th 2008 | 11:04pm]

Gojou Hajime NovelDuring Japan's 1800's the samurai
became dissatisfied with the shogun
for opening their isolated nation to
the Western Barbarians. Many
rebelled and plotted to overthrow
the shogun and restore their emperor
to a seat of power. The shogun
arranged a band of expert swordsmen
to manage the revolution. Given the
name, Shinsengumi (Newly Selected
Corps), the brave men were
commissioned to eliminate the unruly
samurai and ronin, sanctioned to kill.
The men lived for the moment, for their
lives could end in an instant. Under
stressful circumstances some of the
men turned to one another for comfort,
but how far did they venture from there
into the realm of taboo?
A fascinating historical, gay, yaoi,
erotic fiction for the adult reader 18+.
Click on Book to Order

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You can Download Peacemaker (legally) now (^_^) [August 9th 2008 | 8:19pm]

"Online media distribution leader, Crunchyroll, has acquired the digital-only-rights to distribute multiple GDH K.K. titles including KALEIDO STAR, PEACEMAKER, and other GDH titles beginning at the end of August 2008 via online streaming with a download-to-own option.  More information can be found at www.crunchyroll.com"

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Shinsengumi Shimatsuki Screening in CANADA [June 25th 2008 | 4:21pm]
 "Shinsengumi Shimatsuki

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre presents Shinsengumi Shimatsuki
(I want to Die a Samurai) July 31 at 7 p.m. as part of its Movie Night
series. This movie is written by Shimozawa Kan (creator of the Zato Ichi
character) and is based on interviews gathered from the surviving family
members of the Shinsengumi, one of the infamous paramilitary police
forces created by the Tokugawa shogunate. This film is a realistic
portrayal of this notorious force of ronin under the leadership of Kondo
Isami who were created to eradicate the imperial loyalists from Kyoto.
Daiei Films, 1963, colour with English subtitles. Cost: $5 members; $7 non-
members. Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 6 Garamond Ct. Call 416-
441-2345. "


Shinsengumi Shimatsuki happens to be a high quality film starring Raizo
Ichikawa http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0227492/

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"Shinsengumi Assasins of Honor" Release [June 2nd 2008 | 8:42am]
Thanks to Paulownia for bringing this to my attention.

This film is better known to fans as SHINSENGUMI: BAND OF ASSASINS or just SHINSENGUMI (1969) starring Toshiro Mifune


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[Original Yaoi Short Story] Illusion of Love [May 19th 2008 | 12:45pm]
x-posted to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SHQ_Spy_Division/message/897

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[Promo] Shinsengumi & Samurai Yaoi site [March 23rd 2008 | 8:48am]
The following message is for interested readers over the age of 18.

(cross posted to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SHQ_Spy_Division/message/881_)
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Shinsengumi Memorial [November 28th 2007 | 4:56pm]
Japanese fans working with the memorial to get "prints" off of it:
see the 11/18 entry

scroll down some more to see fan activities

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Ikedaya...gone wrong [November 8th 2007 | 2:44pm]

amidst all the carnage...there seems to be a love story between Okita (played by a female) and one of the radicals XD


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Fanart Gallery Updated [October 28th 2007 | 12:41pm]

I wanted a really awesome gallery (but likely our server won't be happy with another format for just images) but this was the fastest solution...simply create thumbnails and resize images

Please feel free to send us anything *original* or fanart related (manga, comic strip, parodies, sculptures, digital art)...anything as long as it's not "adult" related (e.g. art which shows blatant sexuality)...(we are not averse to yaoi/yuri however this gallery is for public viewing and we have to be sure we aren't exposing kids to mature material).

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GREAT fanart [October 7th 2007 | 7:29pm]

show this art some love...this work has outstanding original composition, I'm totally amazed! 

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Burai news update [September 11th 2007 | 4:45pm]
After a long hiatus, new chapters of Burai have been released lately. SushiBar Manga is now working alone on this project. Check their website for a link to IRC download.

If you hear that it is available elsewhere, let us know.

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Wachigaiya Itosato news update [September 11th 2007 | 4:36pm]
The two episodes of  Wachigaiya Itosato, the new Shinsengumi drama that aired in Japan on September 9 and 10, are now available for download on d-addicts.

However, there are no subtitles available yet. Let's hope for the best.

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Vids to make your day... [August 17th 2007 | 12:39pm]


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Good Dev-Art [August 17th 2007 | 11:59am]
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