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[Promo] Shinsengumi & Samurai Yaoi site

The following message is for interested readers over the age of 18.

(cross posted to

Catchy name, isn't it? Even the abbreviation is attractive, S.O.S.

What does it mean? It means just what it says. If you're into yaoi,
yuri, or whatever gender samurai's get on one another for, S.O.S.
will definitely 'cover' your desires for good samurai love and
relationship stories.

Right now the site is brand-new, however, you can get to the on-line
Gojou story that features pairs such as Saitou and Sano, Kenshin and
Aoshi, and others. Naughty little story if you like 'sizzling'
samurai romance. It is so naughty it is rated M17. A little too hot
and hard for people younger than that.

So please come and take a peek at how the site is looking. Mind you,
all we have up is the home page, but you also can find information
links on the site as well. Just thought I'd share this now in its
early stages, and if you have comments or suggestions, by all means,
share your samurai thoughts with us.

Okay dokey?
Arigatou gosaimasu.

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